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We spent several hours explaining Cyber Siren to an AI chatbot, then asked the chatbot to ask us some questions about the brand.

Here is that conversation.

​AI: What inspired you to create Cyber Siren and delve into the world of modernized Chinese hanfu?

CS: We wanted to reconnect with our roots! Additionally, we wanted to curate something gender-neutral that was out of the norm and mundane. Something that would work for any season. So often we'd see a Western piece, like a maxi skirt, that would look a lot like hanfu. There's a huge crossover between modernized hanfu and siren core or fairy core. They both consist of dreamy long silk layers and textural interest, like some 90's and 00's Dior skirts with drop waists and flowing tendrils of linen or silk. Even in recent seasons, Peter Do did that backless ruffle detail that we think would look so fun with hanfu! 

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AI: Can you share any personal experiences or moments that sparked the idea for Cyber Siren and influenced its direction?

CS: Mainly wanting some sort of look that affirmed heritage and presentation. Traveling in Thailand and seeing locals wearing chut thai was very inspiring. The garments are so intricate and luxurious while still being breathable and serving the wearer. There is also a sense of androgyny in chut thai in the way that both men and women wear essentially the same several garments. At that time we only knew about cheongsam in terms of traditional Chinese clothing, which is incredibly gorgeous but the silhouette is very feminine.

AI: How does the fusion of Chinese hanfu and contemporary fashion align with your vision for Cyber Siren?

CS: We want to showcase a visual narrative that bridges the gap between the past and the present! It's through this fusion that we seek to encourage a deeper recognition of the artistry and craftsmanship behind hanfu, ultimately fostering a dialogue that transcends boundaries and creates a sense of cultural appreciation and understanding. 

AI: Are there any particular aspects or elements of hanfu that you find most captivating or meaningful, and how do they resonate with your brand's mission?

CS: Well, the process of putting on the entire ensemble is very meditative. It takes time to layer and tie all of the garments properly. Then dress and adorn the hair and body with jewelry. It's all so intentional and that gives the wearer an opportunity to connect with themselves and their body. That is integral to Cyber Siren's mission, making time in the day to be with oneself to reconnect and set intentions.

AI: In what ways do you see Cyber Siren contributing to the cultural dialogue and fostering a deeper appreciation for the heritage of Chinese fashion?

CS: Our hope is that we can showcase the versatility of ancient and modern Chinese styles to give individuals a way to apporiately participate in the culture. Often cheongsam specifically is subverted and becomes fetish versus appreciation, so we aim to present a different take. Something fresh and something rooted in understanding. 

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AI: Can you describe the emotions or feelings you hope to evoke in your customers when they engage with Cyber Siren's collection?

CS: Some words that come to mind are empowered, affirmed, excited, inspired, and enlightened. We want people to wear what we've curated and feel like an ancient siren who just found a lost library in a grotto. A woodland pixie who just got dressed for a long journey through the treacherous forest. Perhaps a brave warrior who has just come home to their lover and put on their best brocades. Obviously, the goal impression is something very mythical and fantastical.

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